A Break Between Work


It’s good to leave a good long space of time between jobs. As we all know. Life is too precious. And when you’re patient, you often find the good jobs come along.

This month I received a wonderful commission to recreate and replicate several frames in the style of 17thC Scottish Vernacular. A series of exciting works which will furnish the interior of a home which will act itself as a timepiece; to authentically reflect the original space

The biggest challenge of this project being finding and sourcing original Frames to suit the images to hand; and making, hand finishing and gilding other works in a similar reflective style to some of the ideas provided. Over the next few weeks I will be providing works in progress as I work on and complete pieces as I embark on this exciting project. 

In the meantime, I am sharing my recently complete work; a frame for a beautiful modern Italian oil painting.

The artwork itself is in the collection on the artist's grandson, locally in St Andrews. He wanted a suitable frame to make the painting pop in his home, in order to honour his grandmother the artist.

After much deliberation and discussion of suitable shapes and styles of moulding and which colours we best preferred to pick out of the painting; we settled on the deep frame finished in Stiffikey Blue* (*Farrow and Ball) with a layered gesso under coat and a white slip. This gives the frame a strong smooth finish, while the colour draws you into the oil while not being too overwhelming and dark- maintaining a contemporary vibe. 

Love how this one turned out!! 

Love how this one turned out!!