David Wilkie

The past few weeks I have really enjoyed being part of the Fife Historic Buildings Trust project to renovate the Cupar Burgh Chambers, and all of the challenges and rewards that came with it.

The final three pieces are by local renowned Scottish artist David Wilkie. These beautiful large, high quality prints were made from originals kept in the Scottish National Galleries collections and are to be hung in the Cupar Burgh Chambers accomodation along with the previous works.


An artist from Cults beyond Cupar; Wilkie’s works are ideal for bringing to life the essence of local life in Fife in the 19thC. Similarly the Rosewood finished frames with 24ct gold oil gilded slips, were made for the same purpose- to key into the era of the late 1700s/ 1800s and the fashion to use timbers such as Tulipwood, Mahogany and oak as well as veneers; and combining these with gilded surfaces.

David Wilkie was known for his warm portraits and everday scenes, many of which we can see taking part in our own local area, such as 'the Fair at Pitlessie'  I had the delight of making a Rosewood finish frame with oil gilded inner slip for my favourite Wilkie painting; the stunning self portrait, as well as the portrait of the artists parents and a genre scene.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 13.27.19.png

All of these hanging in the space together will create a lived in, timeless feeling, as though this is indeed the Wilkies’ home 200 years ago.

Please watch this space for images of the pictures in situ!