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The Gift Blog

It’s been yet another shockingly long time since I update this page. But so it is. I have been trying to think of something fascinating to fill in the blank Word page and equally as a follow up to my last word- dump.

So I have chosen this. A gift I have made for my friends… a restored 18thC frame with a double aperture mount to show off their beautiful children. It’s a bit showy and bling but that’s the point.


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The Pitcorthie Blog

I'm a big fan of fine photography. So it suited me well going AWOL for a couple of weeks into the inner more depths of Fife shire, to assist Travel and landscape photographer Alex Lindsay and his most trusted mounter Terry, in preparation for his up and coming exhibition in Capetown. 

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How to Make a Linen Mount

As we have hit 2019 its time to catch up with the loose ends. In my previous edition I promised all you ardent readers of ‘Framing Fans 2018’ that the next post would provide an in depth insight into 'making your own linen mount’. So fear no more as the 2019 episode is hear. And making a sensational linen mount is exactly what we are going to do.

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Gilding; Incase you didn't know- I'm a fan.

It’s always a great joy when a customer is openly happy to hear that you hand finish frames according to their own specifications and art works. Rather than puzzled looks while their eyes glance rapidly around my chaotic workshop for some hint of a ready- made cornice.

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David Wilkie

The past few weeks I have really enjoyed being part of the Fife Historic Buildins Trust project to renovate the Cupar Burgh Chambers, and all of the challenges and rewards that came with it….

David Wilkie is known for his warm portraits and everyday scenes, many of which we can see taking part in our local area such as ‘the Fair at Pitlessie'  I had the delight of making a Rosewood finish frame with oil gilded inner slip for my favourite Wilkie painting; the stunning self portrait, as well as the portrait of the artists parents

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How to Make a Gothic Sand Gilt Frame for a 17th Century Print

… And Why does this bloke Vicenzo Lunardi deserve the Grandeur of Gilt? A Gothic Sand Gilt Frame. Believe it or not this is a thing. And straightforward as it looks in appearance, the assembly and occurance is indeed rather complex. And the final article is traditionally used for early prints and engravings, as it is being used in this instance

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How to Distress a New Frame and Make it look 100 Years Old.....

.... ish. But this is What I did. And it isn't always pretty. So if you don't like the thought of your frame being thrown on the ground to achieve a desired effect. Stop reading here.


Why would you want to make a frame look as though it was falling apart. You might ask and be well within your right because it does sound a bit mad.

However as mentioned in an earlier post- my latest challenge is to make appropriate works which will authentically reflect the original art works and the space the works will be hung in. Therefore this classic frame, which you may recognise cropping up many times before, is being used here to Frame an ‘old Map of Cupar’.

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